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MTB Orbea Laufey L
MTB Orbea Laufey S
Alkaen 30,00 € / 2 h
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Seikkailuyhtiö Vaara 040 551 2131 Y-tunnus: 3163239-3 Kauppiaan ehdot

 Laufey is omnipotent: it’s a slack, simple trail bike that relishes new terrain. Laufey may be someone’s first bike or their latest bike. It’s inexpensive and attainable, and it’s a niche bike that feels at home in even the most exclusive bike collection. It’s for first timers and expert shredders. Ride it in lycra, shred it in jeans. Laufey is a jack-of-all-trades and master of fun with 29” wheels and a 140mm fork.